Dino Ciani Festival and Academy

Photo Giacomo Pompanin
One of the greatest pianists of recent decades; an angel who found himself on earth, only to return too soon to his heavenly home.

Paolo Isotta • Corriere della Sera

Photo Giacomo Pompanin
Invaluable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with pianists of international fame/renown and young talents of the keyboard.

Il Giornale della Musica

Photo Bandion.it
A landmark in the national and international music scene.

Corriere delle Alpi

We need you, to bring music and culture to Cortina.

Jeffrey Swann

Photo Bandion.it
Music at high altitude and artistic offerings of the highest level.

Il Gazzettino

I am left with the memory of the purest of artists, a great poet of the keyboard.

Riccardo Muti

Photo Bandion.it
The Festival brings together, in the heart of the Dolomites, the most brilliant stars on the international music scene.

Corriere delle Alpi

Photo Giacomo Pompanin
This festival is renewed year after year under the artistic direction of Jeffrey Swann.

Il Giornale della Musica

Photo Bandion.it
A festival with ambitions of becoming the most important musical event at high altitude in Italy.

Corriere della Sera

Photo Giacomo Pompanin
Concerts, meetings, and master classes that transmit, even to the youngest, what Dino Ciani was and continues to be.



The Friends of the Dino Ciani Festival and Academy Association was incorporated in 2007 to support and promote the activities of the Dino Ciani Festival and Academy, founded to honor the memory of the late pianist Dino Ciani through a series of concerts and cultural and artistic events that take place in and around Cortina d’Ampezzo.

By supporting the Association, you will take part in ensuring that the Dino Ciani Festival will continue to thrive and grow in importance among European music festivals. Your support will enrich the cultural offerings in Cortina d’Ampezzo as the Festival not only brings world renowned artists from the music world, but it also organizes thematic conferences, guided tours, and documentary and film viewings.


Honorary president

  • Riccardo Muti


  • Andreina Chiari


The Friends of the Dino Ciani Festival pay tribute to the late Francesco Ciani, a great patron of the Festival.

Here are the Friends of 2016:


  • Massimo Benedettelli
  • Nedda di Montezemolo
  • Frederic Harwood
  • Sabina Jelmoni
  • Alberto e Madelyn Saravalle
  • Jan and Jim Tharp


  • Mari Edelman
  • Lilia Giacconi
  • Susan Siphron


  • Paul and Mabel Cardenas
  • Cristina Carlon
  • Andreina Chiari
  • Maria di Lenardo
  • Stephen Fishbein
  • Doug Giancoli
  • Giuliano Goldwurm
  • Elisabetta Mariani Grossi
  • Lucia Paoletti
  • Debbie Parducci
  • Mely and Tim Parmelee
  • Luca Piccolomini
  • Anna Sarah Prosperi
  • Mark and Ester Villamar


  • Sarah Adams
  • Adriana Armatura
  • Betsey Beamish
  • Emilio Belli
  • Elreen Bower
  • John and Nicoletta Bownt
  • Ieszeck Brodowski
  • Lora and Dan Caldwell
  • Sergio Camerino
  • Fiorella Chiari
  • Florence Delaage
  • Fernanda de Romedi
  • Aleramo del Carretto di Moncrivello
  • Jodie Dolan
  • William and Letizia Eisner
  • Kenneth Fisher
  • Claudia Flowers
  • Maurizio Grimaldi
  • Allan Grinnell
  • Roseanne Herman
  • Jane Hirsh
  • David Ida
  • Stefano Illing
  • Markus and Yasmin Iseli-Netervala
  • Sharon Keith
  • Andrea Levi
  • Emilia Lo Voi
  • Pietro Lo Voi
  • Gemma Marzotto
  • Michele Masini
  • Blandina Menardi
  • Marco Menardi
  • Cecilia Miniucchi
  • Ludovico e Rosanna Morozzo della Rocca
  • Nandi Ostali
  • Rossella Padovani
  • Maria Cristina Penzo
  • Carolyn Perryl
  • Ezio and Candida Piaggi
  • Monique Pudel
  • Ornella Rizzi
  • Alessandra Rossetti Dibona
  • Carla Santon
  • Barbara and Heinz Schelbert
  • Giulia Schiavetti dal Fiume
  • Fiorenza Sgaravatti
  • Marichia and James Simcik
  • Natalie Stafford
  • Violetta and Thomas Sternberg
  • Anahid Tasgian
  • Tatiana Thompson
  • Ferruccio Tormen
  • Maria Teresa Trentinaglia de Daverio
  • Paolo Trentinaglia de Daverio
  • Doug Trewitt
  • Amedeo Ursini
  • Alessandra Venezia
  • Natasha Wang
  • Maria Teresa Zanutta
  • Stefano Zardini Lacedelli