Dino Ciani Festival and Academy

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A landmark in the national and international music scene.

Corriere delle Alpi

I am left with the memory of the purest of artists, a great poet of the keyboard.

Riccardo Muti

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Music at high altitude and artistic offerings of the highest level.

Il Gazzettino

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Invaluable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with pianists of international fame/renown and young talents of the keyboard.

Il Giornale della Musica

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Concerts, meetings, and master classes that transmit, even to the youngest, what Dino Ciani was and continues to be.


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A festival with ambitions of becoming the most important musical event at high altitude in Italy.

Corriere della Sera

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This festival is renewed year after year under the artistic direction of Jeffrey Swann.

Il Giornale della Musica

We need you, to bring music and culture to Cortina.

Jeffrey Swann

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The Festival brings together, in the heart of the Dolomites, the most brilliant stars on the international music scene.

Corriere delle Alpi

Photo Giacomo Pompanin
One of the greatest pianists of recent decades; an angel who found himself on earth, only to return too soon to his heavenly home.

Paolo Isotta • Corriere della Sera


The 2014 Membership Campaign for the Friends of the Dino Ciani Festival and Academy will be kicking off in just a few days.

29 April 2014

The Friends of the Festival Association, which was created in 2007 to sustain and promote the Dino Ciani Festival and Academy, also has a new President, Andreina Chiari and many new and innovative programs. Specifically, the Friends benefits have been revisited and revised and include: Last-minute ticket sales, Jeffrey Swann and Dino Ciani CD’s, post concert dinner privileges with artists, private Friends events, and the possibility of engaging directly with staff, invited artists and the new Festival Association.

As you may have noticed, we’ve made some changes in the last two months with the goal of making the Festival an even more important event within the world of European Festivals, enriching the cultural life of Cortina, and also developing an even closer rapport with those of you who have shown interest in our programming and who share our love for music. We will keep you regularly updated on the many new projects that we are implementing. We have also put together a professional staff worthy of a first-class international festival.

In the last seven years we have already brought internationally renowned musicians to Cortina thanks to the Festival; we believe we can do even better in the years to come. We will increase, for example, the number of concerts during the winter season, inviting a wide variety of important artists, while also increasing the number of collateral cultural events in order to satisfy our growing audience’s varying interests.

In order for us to realize these ambitious projects we need your help. Without your support none of this would be possible since the Friends of the Festival are the backbone of this project. Moreover, we would like to have you as close as possible to our endeavours, by not limiting your support to a donation, but by actively participating at our events, distributing information about the Festival, encouraging your friends to become Friends of the Festival, giving us suggestions about how to improve, in other words, working together with us. Our door is always open for those who want to contribute actively to the Festival.

Therefore, I urge you to join the Friends Association right away. Give us your trust and please be generous.

You can download the membership brochure by clicking here.

Thank you in advance,

Saravalle President