Dino Ciani Festival and Academy

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The Festival brings together, in the heart of the Dolomites, the most brilliant stars on the international music scene.

Corriere delle Alpi

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Concerts, meetings, and master classes that transmit, even to the youngest, what Dino Ciani was and continues to be.


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A festival with ambitions of becoming the most important musical event at high altitude in Italy.

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We need you, to bring music and culture to Cortina.

Jeffrey Swann

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A landmark in the national and international music scene.

Corriere delle Alpi

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Invaluable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with pianists of international fame/renown and young talents of the keyboard.

Il Giornale della Musica

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Music at high altitude and artistic offerings of the highest level.

Il Gazzettino

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This festival is renewed year after year under the artistic direction of Jeffrey Swann.

Il Giornale della Musica

I am left with the memory of the purest of artists, a great poet of the keyboard.

Riccardo Muti

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One of the greatest pianists of recent decades; an angel who found himself on earth, only to return too soon to his heavenly home.

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Concert in memory of Dino Ciani on the 40° anniversary of his passing

20 February 2014

Friday February 28, 2014 9:00pm

Museum of Modern Art “Mario Rimoldi”
Cortina d’Ampezzo

On the anniversary of the tragic passing of the pianist Dino Ciani, Maestro Jeffrey Swann – first prize winner of the first edition of the “Premio Ciani” at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan – will perform in a commemorative concert.

The Dino Ciani Festival, which was founded to honor the memory of this extraordinary pianist in one of his favorite parts of the world, since 2007 has brought some of the biggest international names in classical music to Cortina, and thanks to the Academy which share his name, gives young talented musicians the opportunity to participate in master classes held by world class musicians.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata Op. 109 in E Major
Vivace, ma non troppo
Adagio prestissimo
Andante, molto cantabile ed espressivo

Sonata Op. 53 in C Major (“Waldstein”)
Allegro con brio
Introduzione: Adagio
Rondò: Allegretto moderato – Prestissimo

On the occasion of this first concert of 2014, Jeffrey Swann, as Artistic Director of the Festival since its inception, will introduce the program of the VIII Edition of the Fesival that will be held in Cortina from July 31st to August 10th of this year.

From this year forward, the Festival has taken on the mission of broadening its offerings, and presenting, alongside its concerts which nevertheless remain at the heart of the programming, a wide array of thematic cultural events. This summer, the overarching theme is inevitably the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, in which, as is well known, the Ampezzo Valley had an important role.

Caterina Ciani
Jeffrey Swann
Alberto Saravalle